3 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Blog

3 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Blog
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Have you started your new blog? OR going be started?

Whatever you did or else doing or going to do, will not matter if you’ve already thought about your blog future.

But if you’re going to be started then, you must be considered these below given stuffs.

Blogging means patience, if not you won’t make money with it.

You have made all your efforts possible to get popular and make money online with your blog.

What means CONSIDER in this blog post title?

I wanna clear to all newbies that if you got inspiration from a popular blogger and going to create your new WordPress site, then you must have idea little bit idea about blogging.

Which I know you don’t have!

You say,”Why?”.

Many people get started with random topic by seeing other popular bloggers but I want to let you clear that,”Random Topic Won’t Give You Any Money“.

Means 90 out 100 people start blogging just for money, it’s the ultimate truth.

But in just one or two months of blogging, you can’t make a lot; it’s not possible even you make your all efforts in it.

3 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Blog

PS: If you will not consider these reasons before you getting started, then this one of the solid reason why your blog is not getting traffic.

#1 Not Having Deep Knowledge Of Selected Niche

This is the one of biggest mistakes newbie bloggers make, they just want to earn money and select any niche by sewing other bloggers or popular blogs.

If someone is popular in any blogging niche today just because of deep knowledge of that topic.

If you don’t know on your own that,”how to do something”, then how will you prefer it to others.

I have seen many blog posts like,” How To Rank #1 In Search Engines” and not getting that in #1. Lol!

What is this?

You own not ranking well in search engines then how your profile preferred method will help others to rank well.

Just for sale of quality content don’t start putting Random stuffs on your blog, will never get traffic.

I’m also not expert in the niche which I’ve selected right now! But I’ve other blogs by which I’m making money.

That’s why you see limited stuffs here, I only post verified stuffs.

So, if you’re expert in your anything don’t just get started for sale of money, you’ll never make it.

#2 Better Search Engine Optimization Knowledge

Many newbies just read one or two posts about on-page SEO or similar articles and start thinking that they’re SEO expert.



I’ve seen many people who’re SEO consultant and don’t know even how to rank better in search engines.

Means they know theoretically but can’t do that practically.

Then why to consult from them.

If you have a good understanding of SEO then only start a blog, and how will you get that?

Read top blogs which are own have good ranking in search engines, I’m not recommending you any blog to read just see top most ranking blogs in Google, if they own are ranking well; they must help you out to rank well too.

#3 Having Good Business Strategies

Business Strategies means, you know well that how to sell a product which my readers/visitors can’t afford.

If you’re able to sell that product which your readers can’t afford, then you’re a businessman.

The best way to say a $10000 product is just put it below $500000 product.

If you see similar watches of similar companies, one priced at $1000 and one $10000 which one you click or proceed to buy…

First one ($1000) watch.

If you’d ever went to a good shop then you might had seen that shopkeeper didn’t ask your budget firstly.

He only ask what you want to buy and start showing you most costly items of his shop.

Then it affects you mind psychologically and you must increase your budget little bit.

Coming back to point.

If you don’t know, how to do business and going to start a new blog for making money; STOP NOW.


Firstly, go & read a lot. Start a free blog and start doing experiments with your that one new blog.

Once you satisfy with your own knowledge and three things which I had discussed above, then go ahead and start your all new self-hosted WordPress blog.

Thank you for reading this post, must share it with your friends.


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