About Hi Everyone!About makemeghost

MakeMeGhost is started on 24th June 2016 with a vision to share knowledge.

I am alone here to manage this site right now, but still there are methods like Guest Posting which will help me in this loneliness.

I started my blogging journey with a free blog on blogger but that time I didn’t have any idea about seo and blogging. I started just because to earn money & my first blog on blogger sprechargetricks.blogspot will be deleted in SPAM.

I lost my AdSense account also but I can’t lose the courage. I’m just thinking about the ways other than AdSense to make money online.

And I found this web is ready to help me. Means now it’s time to know thing more deeply and do experiments with that. So, I decided to Start again with someone who will have ideas in his mind.

Littile Bit About My Journey

I found a blogger “Rajput Bhamsa” from Rajasthan, India whose blog has a good reputation in google with very little amount of blog posts.

Trust me! I’m very excited to join him and my luckily I got the chance.

After that time, I knew that Blogging is so much interesting and also once I am a good blogger, I also can make a lot of money.

I joined blog of an Online Recharge Company “Possible Deal”. They trusted me found that I am good at writing and then gives their blog to manage it.

This was most helpful in learning WordPress because before that I had never used self-hosted WordPress blog.

Worked as an author on that blog for months and at last I leave that work. But these work gave me a lot of experience of blogging and seo optimization because I daily tries to make that blog on the top in search engine and I had to fight from competitors, which was quite difficult for me.

But I try to focus always why another blog is in top in place of me. Then after I learned how to make quality content and what is eye-catching content.

I started learning from superstar blogger Neil Patel and others.

Finally, I am here with you; to help you in your blog’s seo optimization and ready always to resolve any of your problem related with blogging.

About Swayam Prakash

Basically, we don’t spend our time in learning something new from this web, we just waste time in Facebook or WhatsApp, which won’t be going to help in living.

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