Basic On Page SEO Tips To Rank #1 – Every Newbie Blogger Should Must Know

Basic On Page SEO Tips To Rank #1 – Every Newbie Blogger Should Must Know
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SEO is the most important part of your blog, as it plays a major role to deliver organic traffic which is called money making traffic. As a newbie blogger, you must have to know about these basic on page seo tips.

Search engine optimization is very twiddly work unless you deal with it on your own. Only reading about seo is not important, you must also have to go through practical way; start testing what you know in your blog.


Blogs which get organic traffic will also able to make a lot of money and if you need organic traffic (which comes from search engine) you have to master seo techniques.

In order to learn seo, you must have to do random experiments with your blog which would going to make your blog a money making platform.

So, what is On page seo?

Basically, making a webpage search engine friendly is called On page seo.

Most bloggers will already aware with this term and using these techniques to rank better in search engines.

Let me start providing you Basic On Page SEO Tips…

On Page SEO Tips to rank better in search engines

Yes, must aware that you never rank #1 in day 1, but I also guarantee that you soon by applying these techniques your ranking will be better than how you ranking before.

#1 Keyword In Post Title

Your post title must contain at least one keyword on which you’re going to focus in your whole post.

Keywords are specific terms which are already understood to search engines due to heavy search volume.

When you write on Google,”What is Biology?” Then Google only understand Biology and show you the webpages which had used that specific term.

You can find what people are searching using a tool called KeywordTool.io, this will help to deliver keywords which you can implement in your blog.

#2 Keyword in First Paragraph

Insert your keyword in your first paragraph.

Here in this post my focus keyword is SEO tips, see the first paragraph where I have inserted that keyword.

Sometimes, search engines read your first paragraph as meta description so it will very useful to you to rank well.

#3 Keyword in H2 Tag

Insert your focus keyword in your heading, basically under <H2> tag.

This will used as your second heading and also will helpful for your page seo optimization.

Also, In this post I have used keyword in subheading H2.

#4 Keyword in Last Paragraph

Insert keyword in last paragraph of your post.

Helps to increase keyword density and making your blog post more seo optimized.

Here in this post I too end with my focus keyword.

#5 Keyword in Post Permalink

Must insert your keyword in post permalink.

When Google show your snippet, they also focus on your permalink of post and bold it with keyword which users are searching for.

It will also helpful for your post to rank well.

#6 Keyword in Images ATL tag

Most bloggers will ignore images.

Let me tell you a bit about importance of images. Images are able to tell 1000 words, you know why? Even you write long blog post your reader will quickly navigate through it only seeing the bold letters or subheadings but when image comes…

Hand stops scrolling for a while, it means it’s also increases user engagement in your site. It sure will help you a lot so never ignore images.

Images have ALT tags, use that tags as a seo tool and add your keyword in that tags.

#7 Blog Post Title Under 65 Words

Title of your blog post must be under 65 words only.

If you increase the limit search engine won’t display that. Search engines only show viewable limit of 65 words, if you want you create different title for search engine and for your readers using wordpress plugin called “Yoast Seo”.

#8 Enter Meta Description

Plugins like yoast and All in one seo pack offer you to write a meta description for your blog post.

Meta description means a description of your blog post which should only seen in search results.

Insert keywords in your meta description.

What I do previously is just copy a piece of my paragraph from starting of post and paste it in meta box, but that’s the mistake.

Just write a meta description on your own in not more than 160 words.

#9 Keyword Density (1 – 2%)

Maintain your keyword density, don’t overwhelm it by using a keyword again and again in your blog post; it will irritate your readers and search engines too.

Like if in a post keyword is seo then don’t write like,

Hey I’m going to provide on page seo tips as seo is very important. Seo tips are very helpful in ranking of blog so never ignore seo and continue learning on page seo tips.

Damn it!

Very irritating paragraph because of a repeat word, also overwhelming keywords will result in penalty for your blog and then after your blog never rank well.

Use keywords only when needed and use plugins like Yoast seo to understand keyword density of your keyword.

There are different maths for calculating keyword density.

Start implementing these basic on page seo tips in your blog which I have discussed above and soon your blog will start ranking well in search engines.

Let me know, if you have some more tips. 

Kindly share this article if helped you.

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