Beginner Review – Best WordPress Theme 2016

Beginner Review – Best WordPress Theme 2016
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Review of: Beginner
Theme by:
Theme Junkie

Reviewed by:
On October 1, 2016
Last modified:October 1, 2016


Beginner is a Best WordPress Theme created by Theme Junkie. This theme supports all the customization which a professional blogger need in his blog.

Looking for best wordpress theme? You’re at best place to find it out.

WordPress is one the most popular blogging platform and used by millions of users worldwide. WordPress is basically a software which is created using Phpmyadmin and Mysql. 

So you need a well coded theme for your site and wordpress had made pretty much simple to change theme or apply another theme.

Theme is very important part of your blog, you know why?

Because no one want to visit an irregular looking shop. Also, shop whose products are near customer eyes get more sales than the shop having same product but not near the customers eyes. 😉

So if you’re willing to make a lot of money with blogging just make sure your blog is looking perfect and choose a perfect theme for your blog.

Theme which must be customized properly as per your need is the best. Must having a brand logo of your blog in header and important pages link in footer.

Here, I’m using paid theme for my blog based on Genesis Framework which helps my blog to load faster.

Now, let me move to another benefit of having a good-looking theme.

One benefit which you will get from a good-looking theme is AdSense. Yes, you’re reading it right.

Google Adsense approves sites which have better design and quality content on it.

So if you don’t have yet applied a good theme, chances are that your Adsense Approval is only awaiting for that.

Best WordPress Themes 2016

So theme is I’m going to talk about is named “Beginner”. The theme is well designed and professional looking and having lot of customization options.

Beginner theme is made by Theme Junkie.

Theme Junkie has a great collection of premium themes for all type of blogs (Portfolio, eCommerce, Presonal Blog, etc.).

In this Beginner theme, they have included a deals plugin which is fantastic for you to promote your affiliate products easily.

Coupon Publishing Tool

Share the best deals with your audience and earn money at the same time by promoting discount coupons as an affiliate.

Thanks to the included deal plugin, it’s easy to publish coupon details in style with this WordPress theme.

Best WordPress Theme

Beginner theme is one of the best wordpress theme in my opinion.

Newsletter Header Form

Newsletter Header Form

To help you grow your email subscriber list, this WordPress theme includes an eye-catching newsletter header form.

By using this optional opt-in form, your visitors won’t be able to help but notice your newsletter and sign-up incentives.

Selection of Colour Skins

With five pre-defined colour skins to choose from, you can effortless change the colour accent of your website to suit your branding and personal taste.

If there isn’t pre-defined skin that meets your needs, you can easily create your own through the theme customizer.

Selection of Colour Skins

Newsletter Header Form

In Short Word About Beginner – Best WordPress theme

Beginner with its clean and light design is perfect for bloggers who want their content to stand out on the page.

Thanks to the powerful Theme Customizer feature, you can easily personalise many aspects of this theme to ensure your blog has the right look and feel.

The coupon functionality will come in handy for anyone who wants to use affiliate marketing to monetize their blog.

Beginner WordPress Theme

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Few More Features You Can Get When You Shop For Beginner Theme (Best WordPress theme)

All Post Types

30 Day Refund Policy

Personal Support

Personal Support

Regular Updates

Regular Updates

Easy to Customise

Translation Ready

Blog Layout

Social Sharing

Custom Menu

Custom Fonts

Custom Widgets

Custom Logo

Custom Colors

One thing which I found personally best in this theme is this theme also helps you to maximise your revenue.

I think you don’t have to wait more for an excellent wordpress theme also theme junkie is offering money back guarantee means if you want to leave theme you can get your refund.

Must shop this Beginner Theme by Theme Junkie A Best WordPress Theme Of 2016.

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