Five ways to make money online with a blog

Five ways to make money online with a blog
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Are you still thinking about how to make money online with your blog? It’s really interesting for you to know five ways in place of one.

Blogging is very interesting for those who are making money and yet annoying for those who not get that much traffic to make money. Right!

In low traffic, you not get chance to make a lot of money but even you can earn $500 per month with daily 1000 visitors.

I know about blogs who are getting almost same traffic(even they are based on totally different categories) but not making equal money. You know why?

One of them don’t have that much experience about online marketing. Both are getting almost 40k to 50k views per day but one is making more than $25k per month and another is only $3k.

Still both are using WordPress and both have a lot of traffic; but one can’t have marketing strategies.

What we people do is just belive in AdSense & but once we are getting banned then we get the reality.

We start with Adsense and if we are successful(not banned) then we say blogging is nice and if we fails then we say,”No man blogging is nothing”. 

All right! Today I will share five ways to make money online with your blog.

Why to use ads only, when there is no dearth of alternatives.

Even I read somewhere in adsense terms & conditions that, not leave your job and get dependent on us.

Means they want to ensure you that you must have to know other ways to make money online. Not to be fully dependent on Adsense.

Let’s know the

Ways to make money online with a blog

So the very first way I am talking is

Affiliate Marketing

I recently described what is affiliate marketing & FAQs for newbies now it’s time to implement that in your blog.

Let say you are running a blog which show phone reviews or price comparison then you can put a buy now button with your affiliate link so that, if your readers are get attracted towards that phone then they can buy it from there.

And you will get a handsome commission too.

Here is the list of best affiliate networks which you can join & start earning now!


Adsense is very helpful and also intelligent ad network which work in low traffic also (Low means not 10,20 or 100; at least 500).

Adsense seems to be dodgy network for very low traffic blogs; but even you’re getting decent number of visitors then it is quite good for your blog.

Adsense has more than 20 Million users world-wide, so it’s very trustworthy.

Apply for Adsense now!


Seeling e-books are one of the great idea to make money online with a blog. You aren’t dependent on anyone, you have your own stuff to sell.

Means let all other medium are not working i.e, Adsense & Affiliate marketing; but still you don’t have to wait for money.

You can create a e-books easily using Google docs and sell it on your blog using free e-commerce plugins like woocommerce.

Selling services

Selling services is also one of the intelligent way to make money online with a blog. You can join affiliate networks like Shareasale and start selling services on your blog.

It’s not give you $1 or $10, amount will be decent what you get by selling services.

You can launch an online course or something similar from that and earn a lot of money.

Paid Reviews 

It’s one of the most popular way to make money online from a blog.

In this method, you have to select a product and write an enormous review on that product and you will get paid by that company or advertiser who want to promote their/his product.

Then one question in your mind that how will I get paid Reviews?

It’s pretty much simple and straightforward; you will have to create a page on your blog like “Advertise with us” where you tell all your audience that you do paid Reviews on your blog.

Attract them by showing one or two of your reviews and put the price whatever you want from your advertisers.

One another method which you can use it is, mail to that company or person on which you want to show the review and ask from for them if they are interested in your review.

Banner Ads/Direct Advertisement

Direct Advertisement in one of the most used & trusted way to make money online from a blog.

In direct advertisement, you will sell your site spaces(your sidebar, header, footer,etc.) on a fixed price for limited time.

Price will be judged according to your blog popularity based on how much page views will you get and whether it’s organic or not.

You will place this options on you “Advertise with us” page of your blog and also add methods to contact you easily.

That’s all what I know… Have you anything more or something different from above mentioned. Share in comments below.

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