How To Get A Free Business Email For Your Site

How To Get A Free Business Email For Your Site
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Want a Free Business Email for your site? Yes, you can get a free business email for your site and use it for free.

Google apps is very popular for providing business email services but recently they started charging for their all plans. So why to pay if you have another best alternative called Zoho.

Zoho provides business email services with excellent quality and they also have a free plan in which you can manage upto 25 users. Isn’t it’s unbelievable for an small business?

Yes! Absolutely amazing and you can setup a free business email with Zoho in only few minutes.

When we start a blog, all the guides available on the internet prefer us to start with a starter plan and says,”Later you can upgrade it”.


When we choose starter plan and start our wordpress site, we didn’t think more about mail or something which is must having need of a blogger.

We create business mail in our hosting which suddenly fufills our space or use more resources that will result in slow site speed and just then we need to upgrade our plan.

This is ubiquitous dilemma of every newbie blogger (Including me).

They money is our only need.

When we start, we just start writing on our sites in hope of traffic and money…

And we also start searching for tips to promote our site instantly and tips to make money quickly with our site.

In this blogosphere, Adsense is very popular contextual ad network with high payout rates. Most of the newbies apply for it and didn’t get approval in first time.

And after that, some of them are glancing for alternatives and some of them are finding reasons why I not get approved. One of the most solid reason of not getting approval is not having a professional site.

I have shared a lot about how to make a site look professional and how to create professional blog posts, I also said there time that for getting Adsense approval you need a very good looking blog and having all important pages.

Important pages include, About, Contact, Privacy policy, Disclaimer. Some of we don’t use professional email for our blog which is also a reason of not getting Adsense approval.

For getting a business email, we have to spend few dimes that we people hate. 😜

(Inbuilt tightwad nature in humans!)

So here is solution for all those bloggers who want a free business email for there blog.

How To Get A Free Business Email From Zoho?

Free Business Email From Zoho

Zoho is an open platform which offers various services like site creation, docs, email,etc. and you can use it for small businesses for free. In both paid and free services, they offers quality service at all.

Zoho provides a Free Business Email plan for small starters, they also have higher plans suitable for any type of businesses.

Now, I’m going to show you how you can get a free business email from Zoho.

First of all go to Zoho Mail.

Free business email

After that click on Sign Up For Free Now.

Free business email

(You will get a bonus of 5 extra users as you’re using above link)

Free business email

Now it’s time to fill up your details.

  • Enter your domain name
  • Your name
  • Email or phone
  • Password
  • Yourname@yourdomain.com

After that, Click on sign up now.

Free Business Email With Zoho

Now click on ” Setup yourdomain.com in Zoho “.

Now you have to verify your domain by given methods so that Zoho will ensure it’s real owner of the domain.

Free Business Email

There are three methods given, out of all that three methods .txt method is very fine.

Zoho domain verification

Instructions for creating a TXT record for verification:

TXT record Zoho

You can create a TXT record for verification in your DNS Manager following the general instructions given below.

  • Log in to your account with your Domain registrar. (Your Domain’s Administrative DNS Host).
  • Open your Domain Management Page to update the DNS Records (DNS Manager or DNS Control Pane or Advanced DNS editor).
  • Locate the option to add TXT records (Generally found under DNS Records, you can also consult the help page of your registrar in case you are not clear).
  • In the Name / Host / Alias / TXT add “Blank or @”
  • In the Value / Points To / Destination field add zoho-verification=zb********.zmverify.zoho.com
  • If the TTL is editable, reduce the TTL to 300 seconds or the minimum possible value recommended by your Registrar.
  • Click Save or Add Record option to save the TXT Records.

Zoho domain verification method

Once you add TXT records just come back and click on TXT Lookup to verify ownership of domain.

After clicking TXT lookup, you will get a popup on screen like,

Zoho mail godaddy verification

Congratulations! Your site is now verified.

Zoho godaddy verification

Just click on verify now and enter into next step.

Add users zoho mail

Now in next step you will asked to add users in your site, just click on Skip (Add later if needed).

Groups zoho email

Next option is of creating groups, just click on Skip, for now.

Add MX records Godaddy

After that, there is an option to configure mail delivery, here you have to add MX records in your domain DNS to configure mail delivery.

Instructions to change the MX records:
You can add the MX records in the DNS Manager following the general instructions given below. The terms used for creating MX may vary based on your DNS Manager.Add MX record Guide In Godaddy

  • Log in to your domain registrars web portal.
  • Launch the ‘DNS Manager’/ ‘Domain Management Page’/ ‘DNS Control Panel’ for your account, which lists all the domains you have registered.
  • Locate the option which specifies ‘MX Records’/ ‘Email Servers’/ ‘Email Settings’ (Consult the help pages of your provider or get support from the registrar).
  • If you have any existing entries, remove those entries.
  • Locate the option to add new record and select that.
  • Specify the ‘Name’/ ‘Host’ as ‘@’ or leave it ‘Blank’.
  • Specify the Value as ‘mx.zoho.com’ for the first record.
  • Select the priority to 10 or any lower number as supported by your registrar.
  • Follow the same steps to add another MX record for your domain.
  • Only the MX records provided below should be listed, to ensure correct email delivery to your domain.
  • If the TTL is editable, provide the lowest possible value for the changes to effect as early as possible.
  • Select ‘Save Zone File’ or ‘Save’ or ‘Add Records’ to save the changes.

Godaddy Zoho MX record added

After all done, click on Next.

Click Next in all other option, wait at Mobile Access.

Here in last option, Zoho will prefer to download there mobile app.

On my own experience on Zoho Apps, (Android & IOS personally tested) I say Zoho app is Excellent, Fabulous and very smooth. Without waiting a second if you’re near your smartphone just download their app.

Congrats page mobile access

In all next options just click on next and after that you will see a congrats page at last.

Proceed to access Zoho Free Business Email

Now Click on Proceed to Access ZohoMail and start mailing.

They have a premium business email feature in their free business email service also, so don’t be panic with Free Business Email at Zoho; It’s an quality service.

I think this guide will may result very helpful for your business and must help you to grow your business.

Let me know, If you’re are still facing any difficulties in setting up Free Business Email at Zoho.

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