10 Free Ways Which Will Promote Blog Instantly

10 Free Ways Which Will Promote Blog Instantly
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So far you must have searched for ways to promote blog but Is they work instantly?

No… All process will take time and proper attention.

Okay, try this 10 methods which I listing today to promote a blog instantly!

Yes, instantly means; you don’t have to wait a lot for traffic, you just apply these methods and see increase in your traffic soon.

You must have to know that Blogging is a lucrative career; you can’t earn $10000 in just two or three months of getting started.

You have to wait for traffic and traffic will not came automatically. Means that you must have the proper seo understanding for getting traffic.


Why Traffic?


Only with 1000 visits daily you can make up to $3000/month. If you have some online marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies means if you are preferring something to your readers then only with your words they can get attracted and shop for it.

There aren’t came to you automatically even if you don’t call them. So how to call them; you need TRAFFIC and how it comes? By promoting your blog with excellent methods.

There are 101+ methods available to promote a blog and they aren’t worst, they always work for you but will take a lot of time.

So why not to try methods which works instantly!

P.S – Promote blog instantly means that you will have to wait for one or two days after applying these methods.

Let’s start.

10 Ways Which Promote Blog Instantly

The first very effective tool which works is,

#1 Submit Post On Popular Blogs

This method will work in minutes even I say in seconds to promote blog.

You have to go on a popular blog and register there as a blogger, maintain your profile.

After that, you have to write smart contents which will get published on that blog. And once that will accepted you will get a lot of traffic.

You’re thinking how?

Huh! It’s pretty much simple and straightforward; they will add a author box below your posts and you can add your blog link there so that, when readers will finish reading they will go through the author box and must visit your blog once.

And when they come to your site then it’s your content which will stop them for leaving your site OR come back again & again.

Read : List of 50+ popular blogs which accept guest posts

#2 Comment On Popular Blogs

Promote blog instantly

This is called stealing traffic but still it works nice😉. And trust me I have used this method in generating 100 and 1000 of readers per day.

In this method, you search for popular blog leave comment on their blog with your blog address and when your comment is approved it will live with your domain name.

So whenever someone clicks on your link he will land to your site directly and now you have to make great impression towards that person so that you can get benefited.

Go to blogs like:




#3 Google Trends

It will work in hours.

To promote your blog you must need active keywords which you can find on google Trends easily.

You have to go to Google Trends find something related with your blog content and then after you will have to make post on that topic.

I have used this method on my one of blog and in 1 month that single post will get 17,000 hits which is quite impressive for me.

Google trend will show active keywords for which people are searching today and that’s why you can get a lot of traffic by posting that type of content people are looking for.

Go to google trends now!

#4 Social Media {Facebook}

This method fails all above!

Yes, obviously trust me.

Wait, I will show you how.

Facebook has millions of users itself and you got a chance to promote your blog there for free as well as paid.

But sorry as I said above in my title,”10 Free Ways Which Will Promote Blog Instantly” I don’t talk about paid ways here.

You’re thinking how to promote blog on Facebook for free. Aren’t you?

Join active Facebook groups and share your best blog post links there.

When some big companies get sponsored with Facebook then they will get a lot of likes & comments. So leave comments on that posts so that you will get traffic from there.

#5 Mention famous Bloggers & ask them to share

Yippee! This is also a great way to get traffic instantly.

Mention some famous bloggers like, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, John chow,etc. in your blog posts and  E-MAIL them to share your article all around.

How to get in touch with them?

E-MAIL is most popular method or even you can use contact form, Facebook page,etc. alternatives to contact them.

Mention bloggers like; Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, John Chow,etc.

#6 Allow Guest Posting

The most of popular blogs, you ever seen on blog has lot of authors.

That’s why they publish such a great kind of content help them to increase a lot of traffic.

So just now, make a page about guest post and start accepting guest posts from all qualified bloggers.

Thinking How to activate Guest Posting?

It’s quite easy man! Just go to General section in settings of your WordPress dashboard and then check on Anyone can register.

New user default role as “Contributers“.

P.S. When you allow guest posting to your blog via above method them you will get a lot of SPAM registration in your blog; for that matter install a great Anti-SPAM plugin (similar to Akismet) called WangGuard.

#7 Improve Page-loading Speed

Page loading are obviously a great cause for blogs having no traffic.

Even they using low cost costing or they have installed too much plugins on their blog.

Page loading time decides your blog ranking in Google.

If your blog takes a lot time in loading pages then you don’t have to think more about traffic; it never comes.

So, how can you improve your page speed?

Use Google PageSpeed Insights to check speed of your blog and fix error; what causing your site slow down.

#8 Promote On Quora

Quora is now most popular Question-Answer site since 2009.

Don’t take it easy, now Quora is a big deal.

If only once your article get hitted, you’re featured in Quora Suggest not give you 200 or 2000 or 20000 or 200000, it will quite more than that.

Don’t wait man go ahead and start using Quora as traffic tool.

Read this guide to setup your profile on Quora right now!

#9 Interview with famous bloggers and share Interviews in posts

Find bloggers who are somehow popular in your blogging niche and arrange a interview with them.

Ask some frequently asked question and publish it on your blog.

Once they will get searched you will also there in search engines with your results.

Also, send them link after you publish post and ask them to share.

#10 Create A Free E-Book

Yeah! This one works cool for all newbie bloggers.

Creating a E-Book is not very twiddly, if you can write blog posts then you are able to write an E-Book too.

Thinking, How to write an E-Book?

Follow this guide, and launch your first free E-Book right now.

And also read: 21 Dumb mistakes while creating your first E-Book.

If you know some methods more than listed above which works instantly then don’t forget to add that ways in comments below.

Very thanks for reading this post it will take me around 5 hours to write and it will take you only few seconds to share.

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