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Guest post service by MakeMeGhost

Guest Post Service MakeMeGhostWelcome to the next generation blog MakeMeGhost.

We’re going to build MakeMeGhost as a big blogging community & that’s why, we had now started to accept guest post.

If you have something to show this world belonging to our categories, you can easily write a blog post(called guest post) and we will help you to reaching people all around the world.

There is no charges for joining our blog & also if you write wonderful posts we will promote that at high level.
But before you submit any guest post here, you have to follow easy & unadorned guidelines listed below;

  • You have to write Informative Articles, which contains some new stuffs; because this whole web already contains a lot of informations.
  • You must have simple ideas of search engine optimization to maintain blog, search engine friendly.
  • Copyright– we respect everyone’s work, and even if you give a single try to put copy/paste articles; we will simply remove your all data from our site & also block your IP too.
  • Longer content – You don’t have to write 200 or 300 words posts, post length will be minimum 750 words or more.

Google always prefer articles which 2000 words longer.

If you’re now ready to join us then simply register using this link, maintain your profile & start blogging now…