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How To Make $125/Sale With Hostgator Affiliate Program

How To Make $125/Sale With Hostgator Affiliate Program
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Yeah! You heard right, you can make $125 for each sale of Hostagtor hosting using “Hostgator Affiliate Program“.

Hostgator is now one of the most reliable hosting service all around the web, so if you’re recommending someone their hosting you will have a lot of reasons for it.

And it’s so silly to make money with hosting service, by joining their “Affiliate Program“.

I always prefer Affiliate marketing just because it works really great for all of us.

Now, you are thinking that how I said,”You can make $125/sign up”.

Very easy, see this:

$125/sale using Hostgator Affiliate program

They say that when you make 21 sales in a single month then for each sale you will get $125.

Amount varies according to,”how much sign up will you provide them”.


1-5 sale ______ $50/Sign up

6-10 sale  ______ $65/Sign up

11-20 sale ______ $100/Sign up

22+ sale ______ $125/Sign up

They are ready to pay you a lot of money; it’s you who decides how much you want.

Hostgator is Wonderful web hosting which guarantees 99.9℅ uptime with 24/7 customer support. That’s why they are that much popular in web hosting.

Check out Hostgator Hosting

Choosing their hosting service is quite reasonable as they are recommended by famous bloggers too.

Hostgator Hosting is an award-winning hosting service. You can check their all awards here.

How to make money with Hostgator Affiliate program

Hostgator has their own Affiliate program known as “Hostgator Affiliate Program”. You can join this for free; there is no joining charges.

Join Now!

Hostgator will pay you minimum of $50 for each sale you make a and as I mentioned above depending on number of sales these amount varies from $50-$125.

Promotion Methods

No problem!

There’s a lot of ways you can promote their hosting services.

  • Banners – Very easy & quick way of promotion is to add banners in your header footer or sidebar where you prefer. And you don’t have to think more about banners, they have created a lot for you.
  • Review – You can make a review on their hosting and as I already said that,”Their hosting has earned a lot of awards” so there is no hesitation in your mind when showing them as best.
  • Coupons – This way I really love & like, which is to make custom coupon codes. I have made a coupon MAKEMEGHOST25 and by applying this you will get 25℅ extra discount on their hosting. You will get discount and I will get commission and isn’t it’s cool to share your coupon codes everywhere. You can also submit to coupons site.
  • Links – Share your links in posts wherever you talk about Hostgator, that’s why when one can get inspiration from your blog and want to money like you then will surely click on your link and when they purchase hosting using your link you will get handsome commission.

Now, talking about their payments.

You can get paid by check, ACH or PayPal. For easy and quick payment, I would suggest using Paypal.

Unlimited Affiliate Income

They can’t stop after paying $2000 or $20000 they keep paying always whenever you provide sales to them.

I think Hostgator Affiliate Program is the one of the best way to make money online via Affiliate Marketing.

Sign Up For Hostgator Affiliate Program Now! (It’s Free)

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