How To Make Your Blog As A Brand – 8 Beautiful Tips

How To Make Your Blog As A Brand – 8 Beautiful Tips
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Would you have a blog? If “yes” then this post is for you and going to be helpful in making your blog as a brand.

Branding is something which matters in your blog’s quality, even for your blog reputation, your reputation and market value. Popular brands don’t have to pitch same as you to promote something at a big level.

So if you are brand then it’s quite easy for you to grow out and become popular.

I’m a student right now, so I don’t have that much to spend in branding of my blogs or also don’t have that much money. But wait…

Money is only needed to make a Brand, right?


Okay, we know money makes money but not always we need heavy money to become popular. If we have some extra ordinary tips to expand our business at big level then we don’t need to invest more.

Think of it, If Cocacola starts a blog today then how much time will it take to get popular?

One month, two month or a year???

Huh! It will take only single day, you know why?

Because they’re right now a big brand having great amount of money and great reputation in market so, if they are promoting something then it will not take more time to get exposed.

This is what, I’m talking about benefits of having a brand. Now, back to the point,”How to make your blog as a brand?”.

So, as a blogger I also focus on these things but as a 12th standard student I don’t have that much time to spend on my blog; to make MakeMeGhost as a brand.

But don’t think that I don’t know the ways, I know ways practically and I will tell you today how to make your blog “brand”.

8 Beautiful Tips To Make Your Blog As A Brand

Beautiful things always seems decent to a smart person, so see my tips with smart eyes. 😉

#1 Unique Logo + Favicon

Here at MakeMeGhost, I don’t have used any professional tool to make my logo. The logo which is live right now is just created with my smartphone using Picsart. Funny to listen! But it’s true.

So if you want to show your blog as a Brand then your blog must have a unique logo and unique Favicon( 512×512 sized square image to show in browsers) too.

Logo must not be copied from anywhere, you have to be unique. Don’t copy from others.

Use Onlinelogomaker tool to create an awesome logo in no time, if you have time then hire an advertising company to do that.

#2 Unique Design

Design of your blog, it’s also must be unique and fabulous.

Have you visited popular blogs like, MakeUseOf or Mashable, see their design they aren’t using any free or paid theme for their blog, they have a unique design in their selves.

So you’re thinking, what I want to say, right?

I mean that contact a team of developers and hire them to make your blog unique. Tell them how you want to see your blog, pay them bucks and they will do it for you.

Here at MakeMeGhost, I’m using Genesis Framework ($59) and Eleven40 pro theme ($99) as child theme in my blog.

It’s better for you to use the best ever Genesis Framework, but don’t use any child theme with it which is available already.

Talk with web developers and tell them you want to a child theme for genesis Framework which must be unique.

#3 Having A Slogan

How’s that?

You must have a unique slogan for your blog according to your niche. It seems sometimes very helpful to popular fastly.

All big brands must have a unique slogan attached with their name, it looks decent and make them as a unique brand.

Like in india, SnapDeal has a slogan – “Dil ki Deal”, means the deal of your heart. It’s very nice to listen and easily get remembered also.

Make a unique slogan for your blog.

#4 Important Pages

Your blog must have some important pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy, etc.

These are must having pages for your blog and also help you readers. Must create a perfect about page for your blog, it will be most visited page of most popular blogs.

Same way create a contact page, add your email their and also add a contact form their so that your readers can easily contact you.

#5 Youtube Channel

YouTube is world second largest search engine and getting popular in a rapid flow.

Youtube is best place to show your talents and also it will helpful to promote your business too.

As in blog, videos don’t take that much time to get crawled in google, also they works sometimes as a traffic tool for  your blog.

Must create you blog’s YouTube channel and ask your readers to subscribe by showing decent videos on your channel.

You can create videos of blog post, insert sound in your own voice and publish that on youtube.

#6 Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

Create Facebook page for your blog and ask your readers to like and share. Same way create a twitter account, LinkedIn, Pinterest account and ask your readers to follow, retweet, like and share.

It will not only help your make your blog brand, it will also helpful for you to get more traffic.

Traffic=Money, right?

So never ignore social media, if having a blog.

#7 Unique Content With Regular Flow

This is very important for your blog. Your content is the only reason why your blog is getting traffic, so must publish 1-2 post on regular basis.

Don’t post about stuffs which are already available on this web and topic having lots of results already.

Must make a search of what you’re going to write before writing that.

Don’t copy others writing style (READ AGAIN).

Develop your own writing skills and start making unique content which will be the most important reason of your blog popularity.

I know you have seen lot of blogs using free theme and having lots of traffic, why?

Only reason is their unique Content.

#8 Start Mailing List

Start your mailing service right now (if not have) in your blog.

This is also not only helpful in branding also helpful for you in boosting your traffic.

I have not started mailing list yet, just because I don’t have money right now to spend but if you have them don’t wait for a minute.

Use aweber or converkit to start mailing list as they provide cheapest and best service.


Branding is very important for your blog life and popularity. So never ignore about this.

Only posting articles and waiting for traffic rule will not make you popular.

Let me know, if you have some more beautiful tips. ☺

Don’t have a blog, start now!

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