How To Remove Proudly Powered By WordPress Footer Links

How To Remove Proudly Powered By WordPress Footer Links
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In my one the recent post about blog branding, I discussed a lot of ways and I also talked about a stunning blog design.

If you want to make a money making blog; serious towards your blog then you must have to be unique and provoked.

In this manner, you need a unique design for your blog which wouldn’t look in free themes so I preferred to use paid one.

But a better alternative of this task is to use a free theme but make footer different. Means use footer links as important to you and also insert important pages in footer like, sitemap, contact and about.

In most of the free themes you see “proudly powered by wordpress” in footer with a backlink to homepage of wordpress.org.

You can remove proudly powered by wordpress from footer and suitable links as per your need.

Most of theme are difficult to get customized but you can do that easily using this guide and even if you get problem to remove proudly powered by wordpress from your footer, you can comment with your theme name below.

How To Remove Proudly Powered By WordPress Footer links?

Most of the theme companies will link to them in footer like, proudly powered by wordpress and Theme by XY.

But it will make your site look unprofessional and your site doesn’t looks like as brand.

One ubiquitous questions hit in your mind in no time is,” Is it right to do so?”, Of course! Right, you can always customize your WordPress blog as per your need.

WordPress is free and released under GPL license.

The GNU General Public License(GNU GPL or GPL) is a widely used free software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software. – Google

Means you are always free to edit your site at any extent you want even you can redistribute your wordpress site. So don’t worry about removing footer links as most of the themes and plugins are also released under same license.

In order to remove proudly powered by wordpress from footer, firstly you need to go into Appearance then editor.

Now look up for footer.php code

Remove proudly powered by wordpres

After entering into footer.php code of theme, scroll down a bit and you find links like below (I’m showing code of default theme twenty-sixteen).

Remove proudly powered by wordpress

See above image carefully to know how to customize php codes and links.

After doing that your proudly powered by wordpress is successfully removed from your footer and you are also able to edit and add more links into your footer as per your need.

Why not to use .css method ?

Most of the guides and tutorials would prefer you to remove proudly powered by wordpress by using .css method.

Basically, in that method you don’t really remove proudly powered by wordpress, you only hide it. Which may result in black hat seo and your site may penalised by search engines for that matter.

In that method we only add display;none in .css code but it’s not good for your site. So always use .footer code method which is discussed above.

Still having a themes from which you aren’t able to remove footer links? Comment below.

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  • Hello Swayam Prakash,

    The footer credit links are always frustrating and makes blog unprofessional.
    You have mentioned a great way to remove footer credit.

    Thanks and Regards
    Divakara Ganesh

  • Hey very nice article
    Keep it up for the good work


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