Shorten Links Under Your Domain Name Using Free Plugin

Shorten Links Under Your Domain Name Using Free Plugin
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Have you tried Google Shortener? It’s quite good as it’s free but not good at all. I am sharing a plugin called Pretty Links Lite through which you can shorten links of your website under domain name.

Under domain name means, If you’re sharing a link of blog which you’re suggesting to your readers, then this will shorten your link as; www.yourblogname.com/suggested/blog name.

This is not enough about this plugin one of the good service they are offering is; they are providing you an option to add NoFollow in your links.

As we know, google hates ugly & clumsy URLs and most of the affiliate links looks like that; so we can firstly shorten that link and then after add NoFollow to that link also.

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Adding Nofollow will stop search engines to index Shortened link, so that you don’t lose or drop your site ranking for using bad quality links i.e Affiliate links.

It’s interesting or not? Very much, all right! Now I will show you how to setup this plugin and start shortening your links, without using Google URL Shortener or Bit.ly URL Shortener.

How to shorten links under domain name using Pretty Links Lite

It’s time to Install pretty links like first, if you want to shorten links. See below how to install.

Login to your dashboard and go to Plugins>Add New.

And search for Pretty Links Lite.

Shorten Links

Then after Click on install now.

Shorten Links

Click on activate plugin and that’s all.

Once you have activated plugin, you will get it into your left side bar as pretty links. Just open it & start shortening.

Pretty Links Lite How To Use

Click on add a pretty link.

The very first option you will get is Redirection type:

They are asking you to select whether the link which you’re shortening is temporary of permanent.

If you’re using an affiliate link then select temporary just because Affiliate links have fixed cookie period then after, if someone clicks on that link he/she will get error.

Now they’re showing Target URL:

Target URL means the destination URL i.e Affiliate links or the link which you want to shorten.

Then after Pretty Link:

Pretty Link means link after shortening. You will add any text there if you’re shortening a website link which you’re suggesting your users then just write in the box as;


How it look to user;


The last one is Title:

It is nothing more irksome, just put title of your suggestions, recommendations blog or if, you’re putting affiliate link on a service the put service name there.

Now Groups;

As you define category in wordpress similarly you can put links in a group.

By defining groups to your link you can organise all your links easily.

In last they are asking for SEO Options, they will ask you whether you want to add Nofollow to your link or not.

All default settings are fine you don’t need to change it.

This plugin would be very helpful for affiliate marketers and the bloggers, who are using Google URL Shortener for shortening links.

I use this plugin personally to shorten links of my blog.

Now you’re ready to use Pretty Links Lite plugin, I haven’t tried its pro plan so I don’t know how that works; I described only what I had used.

Let me know if you have any queries regarding this plugin.

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