How To Start Blog & Why? [Free Beginners Guide For 2017]

How To Start Blog & Why? [Free Beginners Guide For 2017]
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Welcome friends to MakeMeGhost, I am sharing today how to start blog & why you should.

This guide will not take more than total 30 minutes to read & setup your own blog quickly.

 If you want to setup blog at affordable price then also this guide is for you.

Whenever,  I share my articles on Facebook or Twitter my friends ask me,” Hey! What’s this, which you’re sharing continuously?”. I answer in very unadorned way that it’s my blog posts and they start asking me what’s a blog?

Blog is place where you can share your views, express your opinions all around the world, share your knowledge with others, helps you to know more in what you’re knowing and that’s all about a blog.

Then they start asking me why you’re blogging & can I? they means that,”ok I understand that what is a blog but why you’re blogging(writing contents on blog) & Can I?”. Then I show them reasons,

Reasons why to start blog

Blogging is really transformed power in your hands. Bloggers are called his own boss just because they no longer need to be under someone & work for someone.

Let’s move ahead to reasons,

It will increase your knowledge

When you’re solving a problem whether, it’s your life problem or it’s a sum of arithmetic; you can solve it via different methods.

So when you’re sharing your ideas on blog,  may someone will knowing better than you & will tell you a new process of how & what you’re doing before!

Power in your hands

As I above mentioned, it will give power in your hands. Means if you’re cheated with a brand whose reputation is fine in market then how you complaint about that. If you tell them to resolve I don’t think it will be resolved easily.

If you share a review showing how they cheat people, then they quickly react towards you & resolve your issue. Hence, blogging is helpful in your personal life.

Help To Develop Your Writing Skills

Blogging will make you a professional writer even if you don’t have good. Just because if you’re blogging means day by day you’re trying to better than previous & it will surely improve your writing skills.

And you know if you have good writing skills you don’t have to think more about money.(Here are sites which pays you more than $100 for reviews).

You have a good reputation in society

Think about it. If you blogging then how people see with a great eye that,”Hey! See john is going how good writing skills he have”.

So if you’re getting that much reputation as a blogger then what are you waiting for? Start blog today with help of this guide. 

See the future

Isn’t it?

Now internet users are increasing rapidally. This graph the increase in number of internet users.

Number of internet users

(Image source – wikipedia)

Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today (view all on a page ). In 1995, it was less than 1%.
The number of internet users has increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.
The first billion were reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.

So as users are increasing they also need to surf more & more internet. They want entertainment and you’re one to entertain them via blogs. You never think more about money. Oh! One more point…

You can make a lot of money

This one is most valuable thing. When I say to my friends, that there are bloggers now who are making more than $120000 per month from their blogs; they are really amazed. Trust me! There are millioners earning from blogs only, See this.

But nothing to amaze in this sentence just because if you have right marketing strategies you will earn more than what bloggers are making today.

After that they ask me

Can I Start Blog

And my answer is resounding as “Yes”. You can start your own blog using this guide and after that I am available to make your blog successful. 

If you have any questions, problems in blogging whether you’re not using this guide to start blog, feel free to ask me via email.

I know one question in your mind is rendering yet that,”Can I Blog Perfectly?“.

Yes my Friend, why not? If you’re just able to write a letter or email, you can blog.

No one is fully skilled from day one, if you read my first blog post you will really joke.

Now, you’re thinking which niche should I select; just remember from birth in which field you’re extra ordinary and start with that one.


If all done, then move forward to first step.

1) Choose Blogging Platform As WordPress

If you want to run a blog you need a platform to set up it; which we called blogging platform, without it you don’t blog easily means if you don’t use a blogging platform then you’re called software engineer instead of blogger.☺

It will really hard to start blog without bogging platform you need to depth understanding of HTML,CSS,JavaScript, PhpMyAdmin,MySQL Database, and many more languages.

But with blogging platform all can be automatically and you have just focus on creating great contents.

Now the question is which blogging platform is better.

WordPress is trusted by millions of user world-wide. See this graph of people using WordPress in comparison with other platforms.
Wordpress vs. Other blogging platforms

Anyone can easily afford this platform easily & also it’s quite easy to use in comparison with others. Self-hosted WordPress offers you thousands of customizable theme and plugins for free.

Let me clear some confusions. There are two type in WordPress also; one is self-hosted WordPress, WordPress.org(which I prefer) and other is WordPress.com.

So don’t get confused between them.

Read this: WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Which One’s Right for You?

Now why I say to choose WordPress.org read below;

  • It’s Highly Customizable– WordPress.os a platform where you also setup your e-commerce site easily. There is no need to spend more money just choose theme, layout setup payment gateway & all done.
  • It’s Free To Use – Also, WordPress.org is free to use. Means they offers you free plugins & themes for your blog, while others can’t. (Or if they, that’s not so pretty)
  • Used by experts – Not only this WordPress.org is used by experts. It has more than 72 million active users right now. Also Big Brands like Yahoo are using WordPress.
  • Make A Good Amount Of money – You can make a lot of money with self-hosted WordPress. You know in when you’re using free using platforms, it’s very difficult for you to get approval for ad networks or affiliate networks.

There are so many free blogging platforms are available to start blog but wait… Read reasons below why you don’t have to choose them.

Why Not To Choose Free Blogging Platform

People generally think that “let’s start with free if it really works then, I move to paid“. You’re thinking wrong man just wait, read reasons below why don’t you have to use free.

Think about it, you’re making brand as MakeMeGhost and you have domain like MakeMeGhost.freebloggingplatforms.com how it looks… Very ugly and not works as a brand.

In place of this free platform, if you have top-level paid domain like MakeMeGhost.Com with e-mail [email protected] then which looks better & suitable for brand.

Of course, paid is looking fine. Not only this free blogging platforms has many problems too, read below.

They Will Shut You Down Anytime

You know with free blogging platforms you will be got shut down anytime without warning. Don’t trust me I will show you image just now,
Choose paid blogging platforms instead of using free
Now, you will trust me easily. When my this free blog is deleted I have decent numbers of visitors on my blog, but all gone nothing left after that.

So becoming sad & willing to quit blogging by doing blunder mistake is work of mad people, you’re smart, you didn’t need to make worst mistakes like me.

You don’t have control over your Blog

When you’re using free blogging platforms you’re not owner of your site. If you get stuck in your blog and want sell that then you can’t.

Even if you have generated traffic and they want to get their blog back then you can’t stop them.

You can’t make money or not that much

Money in something which matters. Generally, most of the people blog just because of money & with free blogging platforms you can’t make money or if make then not so much.

They will take percentage from your earnings. (MyWapBlog takes fifty-percent in what you earned).

Not only this Adsense approval is very difficult for bloggers using free blogging platforms, and even if you want to use affiliate marketing, top-level domain is must; they can’t accept subdomains (Mostly).

So why to use free platforms if you’re not getting money. Remember the fact:

If I were in place of you, I only choose and recommend self-hosted wordpress from day one.

Now all ready, it’s time to find a good Domain name & Hosting provider.

Choosing Domain name & Hosting Provider

Before getting deep into choosing Domain & Hosting provider, let me tell you what it means.

  • Domain – A unique name provided to your blog for ease of access. For example – Facebook domain is www.Facebook.com, similarly you will get www.yourblogname.com. It will cost you around $10 per year. But if you use this guide to setup your blog, you will get a domain for free.
  • Hosting – Without Hosting your domain is nothing. For example – Without your body, your name is nothing. Hosting is web space were your all data will be stored. You can get hosting at cheapest price if you use this guide to start your blog. Usually web hosting package start from $2-$5/year.

Now, we have to find best web hosting provider; so let’s see what to judge before selecting a host.

5 Things To Judge Before Selecting a Hosting Provider

Below is the list of 5 things you have to ensure before selecting a host;

Page Loading Time – It’s a great factor for your website ranking, people are spending more than $200/month is hosting.

You have to ensure that your hosting provider provides you fast loading of your webpages.

Uptime & Downtime – It also matters most for your blog. Even no one guarantees 100℅ uptime but still there are web hosts which guarantees 99.9℅ of uptime and siteground is one of them.

Even in 99.9℅, it’s Downtime of 42 minutes.

Support – In case of any problem you need customer care support, so try to choose we host which provide 24/7 facility.

The hosting I recommend you will provide you 24/7 technical support.

Price – The main thing which you have to take care of is price. How much can you afford? The minimum price starts between $2-$5/month.

If any of the web host is demanding more than that in starting package, just reject it.

I recommend SiteGround which I used personally and found one the best web host worldwide.

SiteGround WordPress Winner 2016

SiteGround is the winner of 2016, in WordPress hosting; so it’s best for you. If you have to start blog now start with siteground.

Some of the outstanding features of SiteGround are:-

  • Full SSD storage (Improve web-hosting performance by 3X)
  • One-year free wildcard SSL
  • Free domain name (Worth $12)
  • SuperCacher for great speed. Works with WordPress & Drupal (Click here to learn more)
  • WP-CLI enabled (Good for developers)
  • Staging for WordPress & Joomla Websites (Only on GoGeek plan)
  • Daily backups

2) Select Package, Shop & Install WordPress

Now, it’s time to select your hosting package and install WordPress on it.

It will take not more than 10 minutes, also if you’re on a good connection 5 minute is enough.

At the end of this step, you have your own self-hosted blog live. Let’s move to first step-

Step1: Go To SiteGround And Choose Your Hosting Package

Hosting Packages

You have to select web hosting in 3 of the given.

Now it’s time to select hosting package


As a starter, you have to select StartUp Plan later you can update it if needed.

It normally costs you $9.95/month but you’re using this guide so you will get 60℅ discount and new price will be $3.95/month.

The StartUp Plan gives you all the essential hosting features you need to accommodate a “just getting started” website or an existing average-size blog, personal, or business website.

The StartUp Plan works well even for smaller online shops with a reasonable number of products.

You will most probably outgrow this plan if you start attracting more than 10,000 unique visits per month on a regular basis.

Free Domain Name

Free Website Builder

cPanel & SSH Access

Free Setup & Transfer

24/7 Technical Support

SSD Storage Free

Daily Backup

30 Days Money Back

Unlimited Emails & DBs

HTTP/2 Enabled Servers

Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs

Free CloudFlare CDN

Step2: Select Best Domain Name For Your Blog

Select domain name on SiteGround

You will get two options;

  1. Register A New Domain – If you’re a beginner, you have to select this option. I highly recommend you to select this option as they are providing $14.95 domain name free to you.
  2. I Already Have A Domain – If you have shopped for a domain from anywhere else, No problem just select this option and tell your domain name.

How to select a marvellous domain name for your blog?

Now, it’s time to select your blog identity, means your domain name. Here are few tips which you can use to select an incredible domain name.

  • Easily Remembered – Think about google, what it means; of course nothing but now they are that much popular that we use to write google in place of search in writing. Don’t select confusions domain name like, www.world-shocking-and-rocking-gadgets.com; it’s very hard to spell & type and to remember.
  • Unique – Select a very unique domain name which shows your quality and brand. Domain Name shows what your blog is about and how cool it is!
  • Proper Extension – Don’t select crazy extensions like, “.biz”,”.online”,”.rocks”,etc. Select branded extensions which shows your purpose like,”.com”,”.org”,”.net”,”.in”,etc.
  • Check On Facebook & Twitter – Before Selecting your domain on Facebook & Twitter if page are already available with your domain name. Search as: fb.com/your domain name or Twitter.com/your domain name if you’re getting error means it’s available to grab.

Now, enter domain name and check availability, if available click on next step.

Step3: Review & Complete RegistrationSelectinghostingafterdomain

If your domain name is available then you will get a congratulation! Message and then after you have to fill your information like, country, name, address, E-mail, etc.

Remove extra servicesyou will get an option to hide your identity which will cost you $12/year so better to uncheck it, but if you want that others can’t get your information then select it.

Also, untick HackAlert Monitoring Box will help you to save another $12/year. As as a beginner you also doesn’t need it.

Now all done your total cost is near about $47.40/year which is really very cheapest.


Pay the amount using given payment method and that’s all.

Now, it’s time to checkout your new blog.

But wait…

Firstly you have to verify your account by given methods there, not take more than 1 minutes.

All done, it’s time to login to your cpanel and install WordPress on it.

Click on top left menu “Go to cpanel”.

Scroll little bit down and in applications section you will find WordPress in it.(listed on first)

Now, you will see like this:

WordPress application

Scroll down:

Click to install WordPress

Click on install to install WordPress instantly.

Then after fill up details:

Click to install WordPress WordPress installation process

Here you will have to setup your software:

Choose Protocol: If your site has SSL then you have to select HTTPS Protocol, well SSL certificates are only mandatory for e-commerce sites and that’s why you don’t brought any SSL certificate. Choose http protocol.

Choose domain: I have selected GoGeek Plan so that I install WordPress on as many domains I want. You have to select your domain.

In directory: Leave it empty, it will only needed when you want don’t want to install WordPress on your homepage(dolphin hackers.com).

Now site setting options:

Select blog name WordPress

Site settings

See above Image

Admin account setup

Enter administrator name, password and email.

Last click to install WordPress

Select theme as layers later you can customize it easily, and now you’re one click far to install WordPress.

Hit Install.

Installing WordPress:

Now installing WordPress

All done now:

Installed WordPress

Step4: Log In To Your New WordPress Blog And Check it out!

Now, you have installed WordPress on your SiteGround hosting. It’s time to take a look at your blog and customize it.

Go to www.yourblogname.com/wp-admin/ and sign in with your username and password.
start blog

It’s time to login and check WordPress dashboard.

3) Put Your Blog In Next Level

Happy to inform you that now you have your own blog and the hosting which you have chosen have all tutorials in it.

Land to Resource Page Here.:-

WordPress Tutorial By Siteground


11 Best Way To Learn WordPress

Thank you using this guide to start blog share it if you like.

Let me know for any question regarding to this guide, leave comments below.

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