4 Incredible Tips To Write More Professional Blog Post

4 Incredible Tips To Write More Professional Blog Post
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Creating professional content is not quite easy in blogging, and also when you’re serious towards blogging, you must have to be professional & unique.

Professional blogging means you’re very serious towards your blog branding.

Looking professional is time-taking process, and will not done in a while.

You must have some uniqueness in yourself to look professional which comes from having a brand logo, custom design & unique content with unique creating style.

What we do? We just copy other popular blogger style while creating blog posts.



In fact we know that, even if a popular singers child tries to become like his father; he can’t.

Read it again.⬆

You have to show some simplicity & perfection in your own style.

Writing blog post is very much time taking process and can’t be done in a moment, you have invest proper time in it then after it looks professional.

Today, I will go in-depth of how to create professional blog post, But before moving ahead it’s quite clear that copying what others are doing & how other are doing, will never helpful and also at some extent it’s dangerous.

Let me show you few tips for writing a professional blog post.

7 Tips For Creating Professional Blog Post

What I am telling you here is based on what I’d done & what I’m doing.

I haven’t copied these ways from others but obviously learned from popular bloggers.

#1 Your Blog Post Title

The main & most important thing is your post title.

This is what makes your user to decide whether he/she enter in your post or not.

Title is everything for your blog post.

I generally use a different title for readers & for search engines. You can do same by using WordPress SEO plugin by “Yoast SEO“.

Firstly, let me explain how to write titles for readers;

Create Suspense

Professional Blog Post

Make your blog post title full of suspense like,

“This top 3 secrets will must boost your traffic from day one”

It’s better than a simple like,

“3 Ways to boost your traffic from day one”.

Human mind needs suspense and will attracted more towards that type of articles, so try to make your headline full of suspense.

●  Use Power Words

Professional Blog post When you’re writing title for readers must use power words, so what are power words?

  • Free
  • Stunning
  • Secrets
  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Dangerous

This type of words will make your title must be clicked by your users, also free is best word to use for readers as well as search engines.

Big Claims – Write unbelievable words in your headlines. For example, if you have to write about Hostgator affiliate program, simple title will as,

How To Make Money With Hostgator Affiliate Program

In place of that if you use,

How To Make $125/sale with Hostgator Affiliate Program

Which one get more click, obviously second one, why?

Just because this is somehow unbelievable to make that much money but it’s the truth even somehow false.

Now I’m going to show you how to write titles for search engines,

Insert Keywords – Always use keywords in your titles when you’re writing for search engines.

And always use Long-tail Keywords which are going to be very helpful in getting organic traffic.

10 Keywords To Skyrocket Your CTR

  • How to
  • Free
  • [List Numbers]
  • Great
  • Blog Post
  • Tricks
  • Why
  • Best
  • You
  • Tips

Now, let me show you next tip.

#2 English Of Your Article

Professional Blogging needs full attention & if you’re serious towards it, you must have a good English.

I’m a student right now, so I meet to lot of teachers, seniors & attractive persons day by day.

Recently, my school director, Mr. Deepak Kumar(San Jose, California, USA) came to visit school; he meet to my class students and tell that,”Even you’re not good at any subject, only English will help you to grow out“.


He’s totally right & I’m feeling that English is very important in any field of our life.

So coming back to topic ➖ you need good english if you have to create professional blog post.

Spelling – You don’t have to make a single spelling mistake in your blog post, better to use free tools like polishmywriting for that matter.

Tense – This is what, you have to do on your own. You must have to use proper tense depending on what & how you’re writing.

Commas, Hyphens, Semi-Colons – I found a lot of people making mistake in using this three.

They randomly add commas, hyphens, semi-colons anywhere to show that they’re good at writing but this oppositely works for him.

【●】Read this post to get better understanding of using these three things.

Your writing plays a major role in creating professional blog post.

People often use some offensive words in their blog posts, just avoid them.

Try to give respect to your readers as much you can.

Hard Words – This is ubiquitous. Yes, bloggers generally use hard words to show themselves professional but…

This will never helpful also your readers leave your site if they can’t understand your words.

In a simple way, use only those words which you can speak. Don’t use twiddly terms which will force your users to leave your site.

Also, when I started I too use so many hard words which will not going to helpful to anyone.

You say,”Why?”.

I have answer.


Let say you searched for random topic in Google which you never heard before.

What happens when you got a too much complicated and twiddly answer, you just leave that site and try another or some of you just quit.


If you get a simple definition for that random topic then not only you just share that article describing that topic, you also love that.


At last, I say just focus on your Grammer skills & increase word power, if you want to write a professional blog post. Never do a single spelling mistake, use tools to proofread your writing; or do on your own.

I know it’s very embarrassing to read 1000 words again & again for finding mistakes but this makes you professional writer; do that.

If possible hire a proofread write to proofread your posts, it won’t be costly; that you can’t afford.

#3 Images In Your Article

Images tell thousand words.

If you’re using appropriate images in your blog posts then you will get more attention & your blog post looks professional.

Your most of the readers ignore your 60℅ of the text, what you’ve written by hard labour.

Yes, I’m right!

Most of your readers only scroll through your subheadings, without reading paragraphs.

It will be very bad for all bloggers but if you’re using images…

You force your user eyes to stop there & may be from their, they will start reading your texts.


Imagine you’re in a hurry but you need to read something, what you do?

You just go through main points, highlighted points, see images and complete reading.

Images stop your users on your site which will increase average time on your site and at last; increase your search engine ranking.

● Most of the bloggers use random images, what are you doing man?

Only use images similar to your article and will helpful to your readers in understanding what you’re explaining.

● Most newbies use Google images to find their images, totally wrong!

Google provides copyrighted images from other blogs & websites, if you want to get high quality images, shop for it from ShutterStock or use free images sites for finding images.

● Generally, we ignore ALT tags in images we add in our blog posts.

But remember that it’s plays a major role in SEO. Images have ALT tags which tells search engine what your image is about & shows your blog link below your images.

Must add ALT tags in all your images, you can use plugins like SEO-friendly images to add ALT tags automatically if you’re using WordPress.


Images will make your blog post look professional, never ignore it. If possible add images after all your subheadings, and also never forget to add ALT tags to your images.

#4 Using Bold, Italics & Underline

All these three increase attention towards your texts.

Newbie Bloggers generally start writing in a way; not change their font style or not make it creative to attract their readers.

● When you bold your words users eye will get attracted more toward it than simple texts also in cases of Underline & Italics same thing happens.

It will make your texts more appealing & will be helpful if you need to focus on your texts somewhere.

#4 Links In Your Article

Are you ignoring links?


You’re loosing your readers.

I prefer you to link your Artie’s internally whenever new terms arrives in blog post.

Professional Blog post have a lot of links in it, bloggers want that their reader can’t leave site in a while so they link to more & more articles.

Also, you don’t need to link internally always, you can link it to any external site too if you trust on that site and find that content will be really helpful to your readers.

In general, linking your articles internally & externally will boost your traffic, average time on site which will boost your blog ranking and make your post a Professional blog post.


Link to your old articles to help your readers and also add external links to other blogs if content will be helpful, never overwhelm links.

Am I missing something above which will help to create professional blog post…

Please share that in comments and share this article too, if it helped you.

This article will take my 8 hours to get completed but it take your 1 second to share.

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