VICOMI Reactions Plugin Review : Get Reaction Of Your Readers

VICOMI Reactions Plugin Review : Get Reaction Of Your Readers
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Review of: VICOMI Reactions
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On August 4, 2016
Last modified:August 8, 2016


VICOMI Reactions Plugin is very good plugin for getting your users feedback in a moment. It also shows related contents depending upon users feedback which increases User Engagement to your site.

VICOMI Reactions Plugin Review

Would you know, how your readers feel after they read your content…

Even if they feel bad they can’t comment just because they know that you can’t approve that type of comment.

But, if they can share their angriness without spending more; isn’t it’s useful for you & them both.

You know your readers reaction in a plenty of seconds which will help you to improve your content and getting more traffic.

They don’t need to sign in or enter name, e-mail, etc. they just show their expression by hitting on the symbols.

Even they are in a hurry, you can get feedbacks from them instantly.

And Why getting feedback is important?

In blogging, I say if you’re getting one readers; you’re incredible. One few bloggers would understand the importance of readers.

Feedbacks help you to get improved your skills and not only that, it will also helpful for you in increasing blog audience.

Okay, no more advice. Firstly,

Let’s know by using “VICOMI Reactions Plugin“.

VICOMI Reactions Plugin Features & Importance

  • Fast integration to WordPress.
  • Emotional stylish voting platform – choose your own look and feel.
  • Choose between emoji icons and text buttons
  • Get emotional Feedback from your users
  • Increase user engagement on your site.
  • Choose your own look and feel.
  • Recommendation content widget helps increase page-views and engagement.
  • Free analytics and admin tools in our Emotion Dashboard.

You can choose expressions from different of these available in your dashboard.
VICOMI Reactions Plugin Review


Customize texts

means you can set what feedbacks you want from them;

If you have posted a trick on something you can add in Reactions like feeling tricky,etc.
VICOMI Reactions Plugin
To get started you need a free account which can be created in 10 seconds without verification.

Facebook share option 

Once your reader give feedback about emotion you can also prompt them to share your article on Facebook.
VICOMI Reactions Plugin

Complete stats

You can also check out in which posts, what and how much feedback you got.
VICOMI Reactions Plugin

Content Recommendation

This is very wonderful part about this plugin. They recommend contents(show suggested posts) depending upon your feeling at that time.
VICOMI Reactions Plugin


Mobile Version Too

There smartphone version is also available so that when your readers are on smartphone, still they share their feedbacks.
VICOMI Reactions Plugin

So Nothing more…

Just go to Add Plugins>Add New> VICOMI Reactions and click on install now.

After it will installed customize it with your compatibility.

Checkout VICOMI Reactions Plugin!

Share feedback about this plugin too😉.

Please share.

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